About Outright Hunting Products, LLC

Outright Hunting Products was started by Jeff Roddenberry, a life long bow hunter who saw the need to advance the typical bow hunting set up. While spending years managing a large hunting property, Jeff ultimately realized that setting bow hangers, especially in multiple locations throughout a property, was a tedious and time consuming task; not to mention expensive if he elected to leave hangers exposed to the elements for an entire season. Out of this desire to make his own tree set up more efficient came the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System. Comprised of patented and patent pending components, The Morph Pro Bow Hanger System invites you to take advantage of our quick-connect screw and universal bow hanger kit which is specifically designed to advance your bow hunting set up.  Jeff’s years of meticulous research and attention to detail brings forth the highest quality products and is what makes Outright Hunting Products and the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System the most innovative bow hanger on the market today. Try it out and you will quickly see why hunters around the country are saying the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System is a must for any serious bow hunter.


One Product – Multiple Configurations!