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How many different bow hanger combinations will the system allow?
— The Morph Pro System can make over 30 different bow hanger combinations.
Does the Morph Pro Kit come with an installation tool or device?
— Yes, each Morph Pro Bow Hanger package comes with 1 custom palm ratchet to install the Morph Pro Quick Connect Screw. Of course, any Morph Pro screw-in bow hanger combination can be installed by using traditional techniques just as you would with any standard bow hanger.
What type of tools can be used to make screw installations with the Morph Pro System?
— The Morph Pro Screw can be installed by most any standard drive tool capable of accepting an 8mm drive socket. Examples include our custom palm ratchet, fixed socket wrench; socketed ratchet wrench, etc. Installations can also be made with tools containing keyed and keyless chucks of both powered and manual use.
How do I know when the screw is set to the tree correctly?
— The Morph Pro Screw is fitted with a fused stability plate to add resistance and alleviate screw slippage when the hanger receives maximum gear load. Your hanger is most effective when the stability plate is screwed flush and slightly compressed into the tree.